The Bachelorette S12 E10: Men Tell All: Men Always Boring

Does anyone even enjoy Men Tell All?

It’s tied with After the Final Rose for the most boring/annoying episode of the season of The Bachelorette.

But here we are. Let’s listen to that one guy that got eliminated in the second week that won’t shut up, rehash old drama, and ask Dean how he feels now that his heart has been crushed into millions of tiny pieces on live tv.

We start with a recap of the “most memorable moments” from Men Tell All. They really aren’t important except for Chad.

Here are the randos no one remembers that are milking their five minutes of fame:

Jamey, Diggy (he has bow ties), Blake (hates Whaboom), Iggy, Anthony, Lucas WHABOOM, Fred (from camp), DeMario (Bachelor in Paradise scandal), Alex (he’s hot), Jonathan (tickle monster), Lee (racist asshole), Jack Stone, Josiah, Will, Matt, Kenny, Adam (father of AJ), and Deannnnnn.

First drama to rehash. WHABOOM vs. Blake. And we quickly move on to DeMario. Who denies that his “girlfriend” was anything besides a side chick. Whaboom backs up DeMario and says he believes him. This is a mess.

So Iggy and Josiah don’t like each other because Iggy ratted out Josiah to Rachel. This might be the most dramatic season ever because it seems like we didn’t spend any time with Rachel or thinking about her. Just stirring the pot and causing drama.

Now it’s time for the real drama. Kenny vs the biggest racist asshole ever Lee. Everyone agrees that Kenny is like a really nice dude. And Lee super sucks. Oh wait, nope, DeMario disagrees, he thinks Lee is great. Of course DeMario, of course.

We finally get someone in the hot seat- and it’s Kenny. I always liked Kenny. Kenny wants to set a good example for his daughter and not punch racist assholes named Lee on tv. And that’s why he didn’t punch Lee. Lee sort of apologizes but he still sucks.

Oh and here is a child! Kenzie is proud of her dad for trying to find love on tv. Oh and they get to go to Disneyland. That’s real nice.

Well now it’s Lee’s turn. I will not give him my time.

Now we can finally move on to Dean. His relationship with Rachel included sandcastles, bimps, and his family. Oh Dean and his family. Dean is proud of himself and his family to go through that.

Now it’s time for Rachel!! We get right to important part. It was really hard for Rachel to say goodbye to Dean. And there’s the closure. This is the weirdest paced episode ever.

Rachel lets Lee know when she watched the show she saw how much he sucked. He apologizes to Rachel.

Now it’s time for all of the guys to try and get closure with one question each. Adam wants to know why- the answer is because she felt something and didn’t want to take him all the way.

Fred goes next and it’s superrrrrrrr awkward. Fred wants to say Rachel didn’t give him a chance because he already knew her before. Kenny just wanted to remind Rachel she has his number.

The bloopers are pretty sub par except for Josiah shoving food in his face and Dean putting gum behind his ear and then eating it.

That’s it for Men Tell All- thank goodness.

Time to look at next week’s SEASON FINALE. WHO WILL RACHEL CHOOSE?!

Swarmy Bryan?

Won me over Eric?

Or OMG ❤ ❤ not ready for a proposal Peter?!


The Bachelorette S12 E10: Men Tell All: Men Always Boring

The Bachelorette S20: Chad Tells All

Let’s stop lying to ourselves, we only really care about Chad.

And hopefully the announcement that Luke is the next Bachelor.

They introduce all the guys no one remembers and we still don’t know who they are and then we get our Chad montage. Chadtage.

The first drama we have to re-hash is Derek vs Alex. It’s lame and we quickly move on to…


So Chad thinks everyone is ridiculous and fake and apparently went home and googled all of them and has dirt on everyone. Nice job Chad. Gotta be prepared. He also somehow met and dated all of their exes. Obviously no one likes Chad still and for some reason Santa has decided to cling to his fame and wants to fight Chad. Sit down Santa. Chad kills it with great insults and witty comebacks. I am #teamChad. Also I have learned you can’t fit another bro in dress shoes.

We re-hash ripped shirt gate with Evan and get a slo-mo and it’s inconclusive. We’ll never really know who started it. Evan still sucks. Chad is great. He is going to the King of Bachelor in Paradise.

Next we move on to Luke, who better be the next damn Bachelor. He is such a nice guy and his season will be a little boring but damn it I want it to happen! Luke remains a stand up adorable guy and is ready to love again as Chris Harrison says and I’m ready to watch him do that!

It’s Chase’s turn, let’s see if he’s just as bland and boring as before…yup. Too boring to even talk about.

Here’s JoJo, she like never broke up with anyone ever before this. And like all of a sudden had to do it 24 times. Maybe that’s why she sucks so much at it. She says she sent home Luke because he never said ‘Love.’ Stupid. Luke says he knows he loved her because he just wanted her to be happy. So literally he is the nicest best guy ever.

Chase then gets to ask why JoJo sent him home. Maybe because he’s lame and boring. And that’s pretty much the reason.

Chris Harrison opens the floor up to the guys to talk to JoJo. And Santa says she looks nice, literally ignoring the fact he tried to fight Chad in dress shoes just 20 minutes before. Derek talks about reassurance because he can’t let it go. Vinny’s mom somehow is here and tells JoJo that her son would have been the best guy for her and is a great guy.

And we then get what we’re all waiting for. Bloopers! There’s a lot of animal mishaps. And bugs. Laughs for all!


JoJo picks her one true loveeeeee. And her family is back and just as scary as before. And there’s lots of crying. WHAT WILL HAPPEN?!?

The Bachelorette S20: Chad Tells All