The Challenge: Bloodlines: Team before Blood?

So Cohutta and Jill go home…even though it was to be continued.


Anyways! We finally learn the exciting twist (that we definitely did not see coming at all) that the Bloodlines will be divided into 2 teams and everyone will be against their relative. Cara Maria and her cousin have to pick the teams, and her cousin is pretty smart and sticks Cara with a bunch of the weaker girls.

The challenge this weak involves jumping on a swing from one side to another over some water. A challenge classic. And of course they are exactly far away enough from that water that it’s definitely going to hurt when you hit…as the ambulance preview reminds us.

Cara’s team goes first, and surprisingly some of the weaker girls manage to hold their own for a few jumps…Nicole not so much and she’s the first in the water, they end up losing 3 flags in the end. Candace smacks her face into the swing and ends up continuing, in a very impressive feat. It is pretty adorbs how all the bloodlines still cheer on their relatives on the opposing team. Candace and her not-so-broken-face go away in the ambulance, so it seems everyone else will be fine.

Next up is the Blue Team. Vince is the very first person to go down, then down goes Jamie, Cara Maria’s cousin who I now know his name. Kelly Anne else plus Larissa means Red wins!

Tony’s back isn’t feeling well, and the medic says “maybe you had some bones…break or something.” So he’s going to the hospital too!

TJ reveals another twist, if your bloodline goes into the Pit and loses, you have to go home too. So even if your team wins the challenge, you might not be safe.

Larissa is voted in, Camila is not happy, which everyone should have foreseen. Camila decides to go and yell at everyone that voted for Larissa one by one. Which includes multiple people that didn’t vote for Larissa, who then have to yell back at her. It’s not a horrible plan, seeing as Camila is pretty terrifying and angry.

Red then has to deliberate, which is really hard when you have to vote someone in, who their partner is in your deliberation.

Larissa is officially thrown in by her team. And Red votes for Jenna

Tony is back, he’s not broken

Camila is “feeling things she didn’t know she could feel…” yeah, stinks when your sister has to go in the Pit.

JK Tony might be broken. He feels bad for all women if this is what cramps feel like…thanks. He then declines medical attention, so he can watch elimination…great decision Tony. Tony then collapses and is taken to the hospital, where he should have gone a while ago.


To be continued………..!


The Challenge: Bloodlines: Team before Blood?

The Challenge: Bloodlines E2: Crazy Cousins

To recap last episode- everyone and their relative is crazzzyyy. Super tiny Christina and her partner went home and there’s already tons of drama.


We learned that Jenna can’t even drink a vanilla protein shake, so that bodes well for the creepy challenge.

One partner has to chew up and spit out some bugs to measure in a glass, while the other is locked inside a case with snakes!

Also it’s technically not eating, as TJ keeps saying, there’s no swallowing involved. And to me, chilling with a snake is so much preferable to chewing up random bugs. The real question is why doesn’t Nany put her hair in a pony tail at least? Trying to capture a cockroach for a snack later?

Jamie chomps enough bugs to score a win for him and Cara Maria. Jenna and Brianna lose the challenge since no bugs were chewed, but it’s a guys elimination day, so it’s down to the two worst teams with a guy and Cohutta and Jill have to go to the Pit.

Cara Maria shows off why she doesn’t always get very far in these Challenges, mainly her entire lack of any politic-ing skills. Which she at least is aware of. She lets Cohutta pick who he wants, he first said Dario and Raph. And then says Thomas and Steven-who get thrown in. Except Thomas and Cara Maria had been having some fun on the side, which makes it super awkward.

Brianna really wants to go home. Some people aren’t made out for getting drunk all the time and then sobering up long enough to do ridiculous things like tackle someone off a moving log into a lake. I can’t believe this isn’t her destiny. After one of the weirdest fights ever, involving insults about cheating Spanish boyfriends, short hair, and ice cream, they go to bed and reconcile, with Brianna deciding she’ll try to stick it out for Jenna, what a great cousin!


It’s Cohutta vs Thomas grabbing balls in hallways and trying to get across the line.

Tony is really excited and just wants to see two guys go at it and is glad it’s a physical challenge.

Thomas drags Cohutta across the line for the first win.

It’s a little early in the season to end in a cliffhanger, but we won’t know who wins until next week!

But we do know next week there will be blood (convenient) and fights!  And an ambulance!

The Challenge: Bloodlines E2: Crazy Cousins

The Challenge: Bloodlines: 5 Pounds Sopping Wet

I’m sorry for my hiatus


But I’m back, and I’m here to blog about one of my all time favorite series. I don’t know what it is, but something about MTV’s The Challenge is so hypnotizing and fantastic and I can’t wait until it comes back. I don’t even know what season this is, probably like five million, but each is special and wonderful in its own way.

Enough gushing, let’s recap!

So this season we have Bloodlines. Which means we have past contestants and one of their relatives. Side note, didn’t realize so many people look so related to their cousins. Pretty sure I don’t look that much like any of my cousins. But I digress. Besides cousins, we have some brothers and sisters as well. Weirdly enough everyone and their partners looked as well equipped as you can be for this show. Which means some tiny girls with big boobs and roided out guys, so typical Challenge.

For the hardcore fans we have some great repeat challengers: Johnny Bananas, Aneesa, Camila, Cahutta, Nany, Cara Maria, and others. There’s 14 pairs.

The first challenge involves running up a hill of dirt, filling a bucket of water and sliding back down that hill. It actually looks pretty hard. Johnny and his just as muscly cousin, Vinny, are in the lead when Cara Maria realizes that we don’t need a Johnny sweep to start this early so she and other teams gang up to give Cahutta the win. I think they chose Cahutta because they know he’s not going to politic anytime soon and is a general good guy, as much as you can be on this show.

Jenna and her cousin (?) lose and have to go against Emily and Christina. Christina was on Are You the One season 2, I have a feeling she didn’t find her true love. And the two of them look like they weigh about 5 pounds sopping wet.

The “Pit” is the elimination station for this season and only one team member can compete, so Jenna takes home the win from Christina, proving she’s not a total lay up. And that’s the episode. Lots of people already hooking up, lots of rookies not being able to handle their alcohol.


More importantly. It seems later on in the season things are mixed up and partners are switched so the bloodlines are on opposite teams, and oh wait- CT COMES BACK. GET READY FOR THE STORM OF DOOM. One can only hope there’s a Johnny backpack part 2. Zach and Abram also make appearances, I can only assume these substitutions aren’t all “punch people in the face and get disqualified” kind and are planned. So we’ll just have to see all the twists TJ has planned for this season.

I, for one, am super pumped.

The Challenge: Bloodlines: 5 Pounds Sopping Wet