The Flash/Supergirl Musical Crossover: The Duet

Hey, I have to watch something now that The Bachelor is over. And I just can’t get into ballroom dancing.

So having never seen any of Supergirl and only seen one episode of the Flash, I’m going to watch it, because I love a #gleereunion and some singing.

The Flash dude proposed to his girlfriend? I swear they look 12.

So Supergirl shows up in like a coma. And they have to save her. There are two flashes, one is named Kid Flash, that sucks, they couldn’t think of anything else to call him? But don’t worry, Darren Criss is here to send everyone into an alternate dimension (?) where everyone sings!


This episode is magical already. And oh wait here’s Jeremy Jordan.

For some reason Darren Criss explains how they can escape, because that makes sense, he’s supposed to be evil.

We get a group rendition of Put a Little Love in your Heart- for no other reason than for all the good-at-singing-people to sing. And because dance numbers with brooms are just so fun.

Now we get some superhero relationship therapy. Relationships are hard even when you have super cool powers. Supergirl is pissed because her not boyfriend has been lying about her identity…because it’s not like she has a literal secret identity. Pot, kettle, black.

We address some fun gender roles while kicking in doors. And then everyone’s not significant other is making out with each other. Such fun!

Back to Darren being adorable and evil. His superpower has some flaws seeing as if he can drain superhero powers by sending them into movies why doesn’t he just send everyone into a Tarantino movie and kill them off? Would be easier than all this singing.

So one of the guys is Martian Manhunter- is he a martian? Does he kill martians? Why is he green? They fight Darren with a move that involves flying through the air with your fist out to punch him.

So the two kids are in love. And their dads don’t like it. All three of their dads! Yay for progressive CW programs.

I’m slightly distracted by Grant’s one errant eyebrow.

We get another song and it’s only the third song of this episode. I demand more ridiculous musical numbers. They sing about licorice, it’s weird. But oh no the song didn’t work because everyone has to “get the boys” whoever the hell “the boys” are so they can go to war!

Don’t worry the love interests can save the day by using their love.

OMG A SONG ABOUT SUPERFRIENDS. Which is adorable but would be the worst nightclub act ever.

The superfriends then decide to be stupidfriends and get shot. Then their love interests go and kiss them and no one dies. How anticlimactic. I will say they were all really calm when they thought they were dying.

But it’s okay because Darren isn’t actually evil, he supports love. So everyone is happy!

And we get one last song of Runnin’ Home to You, which I only know because it was on Barry’s phone. The serenade includes a lot of face stroking and then a proposal. But I thought they were already engaged.

So all in all that was not a very music-filled musical episode despite the great cameos. I won’t be tuning in next week. But now you don’t have to bother to watch it!

The Flash/Supergirl Musical Crossover: The Duet

The Bachelor S21 E10: THE FINALE #iceicebaby

So this is it! The whole enchilada! The entire box of cheese pasta….the winner is…VANESSA!

So now you don’t really need the recap, but let’s do it anyway.

The episode starts with Raven meeting Nick’s family for the second time. In case you also wiped the memory of that sad Wisconsin themed week from your head, she met them the first time at Becca’s soccer game. Raven is upbeat, personable, and smiley, so obviously impresses everyone for a second time.

Next is Vanessa, who, unsurprisingly decides to ask Nick’s family some ‘hard questions.’ Like is Nick ready for this? And is love really enough for a marriage? Did you know that Vanessa only wants to be engaged once? In case you missed it she says it about 10 more times. We learn that Nick gets his crying from his dad and it’s nice and tense just the way Vanessa likes it.

We get the last dates ever of the season next. Vanessa gets to go horse back riding through the snow and then meet SANTA CLAUS. I’m going with excited for my emotion about this part of the date because otherwise it would just be damn creepy that a man is sitting in a shack with a weird wood carving of Vanessa and Nick and a fertility symbol. Yup, let’s go with excited. They then get their evening part of the date were Vanessa stays on task by asking Nick more aggressive questions and then crying. Since we know she has won I will point out that they are good for each other because they are just as annoying and ridiculous.

Next is Raven’s date. They get to ice skate on this magically clear part of some Finnish pond. Nick somehow picks Raven up while still skating and no one ends up with an ice skate through their eye socket, which is just damn impressive. Raven remains adorable and becomes adorable to the Nth degree when Nick somehow conjures up some puppies. To continue the ridiculousness/foil that Raven is, she tells Nick she has zero reservations and this is the relationship for her…sorry hun, you were too good for this show.

I bet you thought that we forgot Neil Lane/he was going to boycott Nick because you really can only pick out a diamond ring for a girl that is going to dump you so many times. But no, we get the man himself here to guide Nick into this relationship that is going to last forever…or until the end of Dancing with the Stars. Nick picks out the pretty sparkler and it’s time to do this!

So if we were picking on evening gowns alone Vanessa slayed it. She looks gorgeoussssssss and Raven looks like she’s wearing a weird version of a mother of a bride dress. We get the iconic shoe out of the limo shot to confirm Raven just isn’t having a good day.

She handles the break up incredibly well and manages to get into the limo and through her confessional without threatening to bludgeon Vanessa with a stiletto, we’ve made some real progress here people.

Now it’s Vanessa’s turn to rock her fantastic black sparkly dress and to take this relationship that started with a vomit filled kiss to the next level. That’s right, Nick gets down on that one knee and proposes. A true Bachelor ending. And it’s adorbs and they look like they love each other but only time and dwindling money will tell.

That’s it folks! Nick has finally found love so now he can stop being on our Bachelor franchises and move on to bigger, more sparkly disco balls. Not sure if Rachel’s journey of love or Bachelor in Paradise will air next, but either way it will be full of drama, tears, and finding love on national tv.

The Bachelor S21 E10: THE FINALE #iceicebaby

The Bachelor S21 E9 Part 2: My Personal Core Values are Pizza

Where did we leave off?

Well with Raven’s lack of orgasm of course!

We’re going to go with Raven was satisfied because it was ‘the most special thing.’ And ‘Nick is really good at what he does.’ And by the adorable little montage of her high fiving random Finnish people and petting a dog. Fine producers, you got me on this one.

Rachel is next. I wonder how this will go seeing as oh wait, she’s definitely not going to win. Their date involves cross country skiing, which is pretty hard. They then meet some reindeer in real life. And then drink wine from ladles in a hut thing. They talk about like relationship stuff blah blah blah and then ride off in a sleigh being pulled by a reindeer…but like no one is driving the sleigh. How does this reindeer just know where to go? It is really one of Santa’s reindeer?! They then get to talking some more and Rachel talks about how she’s not great with words and it’s pretty boring. There’s no background music, which is never a good sign. But then Rachel says she is falling for Nick and Nick says he is falling too. WHICH WAIT. REMEMBER HOW RACHEL ISN’T GOING TO END UP WINNING. SO WHAT IS THIS CRAP NICK. STOP TELLING PEOPLE YOU ARE FALLING IN LOVE.

Rachel of course says yes to the Fantasy Suite. Which thankfully we don’t get the super awkward info that we did from Raven. Just them making out in bed when they wake up. Rachel wears an adorbs penguin onesie.

Now it’s Vanessa’s turn!  They get to do the Finnish tradition of jumping in cold water and then a sauna. Sounds pretty horrible. For some reason they do it more than once. And then they finally end up in an actual hot tub where Nick for some reason decides to discuss the slightly awkward hometown date. And then discuss how Vanessa won’t compromise on certain things: like spending 3 HOURS A WEEK WITH HER FAMILY. THAT IS SO MANY. EVERY WEEK. Because those are her ‘core values’- she says ‘core values’ about ten thousand more times. Time for the second part of the date where they get to wear real clothes and not jump into freezing water.  Vanessa is very aggressive. Nick deals with this by repeatedly saying they are like super similar. Vanessa of course declares her love as well. Because you won’t get a Fantasy Suite invite if you don’t.

Nick is three for three for happy ladies waking up the morning after. So how will he ever decide who to send home?!

Now it’s time for everyone to dramatically stare out into the horizon and think about things. Deep thoughts. Love. Roses. Fantasy Suites. Stuff.

Time for the second to last rose ceremony. I wonder who will go home. Definitely not the person who is going to be the next Bachelorette…oh wait. Nick cries for the ten millionth time this season. Raven gets the first rose. And the second rose goes to Vanessa.

But it’s okay, Rachel will be our lovely Bachelorette. She handles herself incredibly well.  Nick is stupid as ever. But now Rachel is free to have all the men fight for her attention.


IT’S THE FINALE OMG OMG OMG The literal #finalrose. Who will it be? Southern girl Raven or Canadian Vanessa who spends way too much time with her family? Only time will tell!!

The Bachelor S21 E9 Part 2: My Personal Core Values are Pizza