Ben Higgins: the next Bachelor- All you Need to know

Last night after the horrible hour of whatever we’re considering After Paradise to be, we finally found out who the next bachelor is.


Look at how happy he is.  We finally get to learn your last name if you ever become the Bachelor, good to know that H didn’t stand for something terrifying. There definitely could have been worse choices, but for a refresher session let’s talk about what happened with Ben H during Kaitlyn’s season.

  • Limo entrance- unmemorable- granted if you don’t show up in a cupcake or hot tub limo I probably won’t remember
  • He went on a lot of group dates
  • He got the Aladdin cameo, probably because he looked the best in the vest-without-shirt look EDIT: JK, Alexa pointed out it was cupcake Chris that did that.  So maybe there isn’t really anything remarkable about Ben
  • He’s 26
  • Kaitlyn once asked if he was a virgin, he’s not
  • He admitted to Kaitlyn he thinks he’s unlovable because of his past girlfriend
  • He made it to the fantasy suite, got it on, and then was sent home
  • He was very gracious when he was sent home

Overall he was quite cute and a gentleman.  However, there’s a few things I’m a little concerned about:

  • He’s nice, which sometimes just means a hella boring season
  • He’s 26, with the men, they don’t really cast anyone older than the Bachelor, so that means we’re going to have a gaggle of 21 year olds
  • He’s not super memorable, we kind of defaulted to him as a bachelor because the other top guys shot themselves in the foot : Cupcake didn’t take the break up like a man and cried.  Jared isn’t over Kaitlyn.  Smooshed face Kentucky Joe didn’t take the break up well either and then went crazy asshole on Bachelor in Paradise.  My vote was for Ben Z, the one with all the muscles, but he went home too early to qualify.

I will say #BachelorBen or #BentheBachelor are pretty great hashtags. All in all I’m just happy that Bachelor in Paradise is about to end.  We just have to make it through Dancing with the Stars before we can follow Ben H on his journey to true love.

Ben Higgins: the next Bachelor- All you Need to know

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