And the Final Rose goes to….!

So arguably this is the worst episode to recap, because it only needs one sentence.

Shawn got the final rose!

And that’s it, no need to watch the 2 hours plus one extra of live interviews.

To give you a little more of a recap:

Look!  It’s Salty Nick and he’s meeting Kaitlyn’s parents.  Kaitlyn’s sister obviously watches the show as she freaks out when Kaitlyn tells her there’s a former contestant, and then super freaks out when it’s Nick V.  Nick talks to parents, Nick asks Kaityln’s Dad for permission to marry her…..that won’t end up well.

It’s Shawn’s turn!  Slightly awkward but I’m sure that’s just the producers making us worried, he pulls the classy move of asking both Kaitlyn’s parents for permission to marry her.  They say yes, obviously because there’s a huge ass Neil Lane ring involved.

Then they get some dates, pretty blah.  My friend did point out that Nick fails to actually make eye contact with Kaitlyn, probably something you should do if you are literally going to ask her to marry you, but whatever.  They’re on a boat!  And it’s present time, look a frame, with a poem thing?  So lame I didn’t even pay attention.

Shawn’s date, which they make awkward to make us think she won’t pick him.  But he’s sexy. Although for being a personal trainer I would have expected better abs.  And granted, I would also be annoyed if every time I went on a date we had to discuss this guy I hated.  Shawn’s present is a jar…full of crap.  And love?  Idk.

And the best montage of every season, ring picking out and then getting dressed.  Time to stare out into the distance while thinking about love.

Kaitlyn wears yet another dress with no back, front, or fabric.

Nick comes and now Kaitlyn can’t make eye contact – possibly a sign you shouldn’t start to propose.  At least Kaitlyn stops him before he’s down on one knee, still incredibly awkward.

Time for Shawn to be dashing and hot and actually propose with some nice words about love.  And they’re engaged!

Time to start the countdown until they break up, I’m thinking they’ll last at least a few months.  Here’s hoping neither of them are on Dancing with the Stars.

I also might watch Bachelor in Paradise (Sex Island) so stay tuned and keep watching!

And the Final Rose goes to….!

Time for some TV!

Whatcha watching?

Probably something super great and entertaining.  But did you miss an episode?  Not pay attention during the end, or take too long of a snack break?  Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered and am here to fill you in.

Time for some TV!